Why Choose a British International Education?

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British Curriculum is now taught in 150 countries across the world and is regarded as one of the premier education models and pathways in the world. In Malaysia it has become the most popular curriculum choice for international schools for a range of reasons.

The National Curriculum for England is a broad and balanced system that offers the full range of arts, sciences and humanities subjects. It is well planned with a curriculum vision that begins in the early years and guides student learning through to exit.

The curriculum is flexible in that it allows students to follow an international program but also follow compulsory and essential local cultural and curriculum requirements set by the education ministry. While students may aspire to be international we are all naturally proud and committed to the country and culture of our birth.

The curriculum is rigorous and well-organised. The British curriculum has been designed to give students, parents and teachers a clear overview of progress and a system to monitor attainment of key benchmarks at key junctures. Goals are achievable through a pathway that is clear and focussed.

British International schools focus both on critical and creative thinking. Through best practice teaching methods and well trained teachers, students are taught valuable skills that make them great problems solvers and valuable contributors.It prepares children for the world ahead. It prepares them for a world that is not well planned and a world that may not reflect patterns of behaviour, skills and thinking of years gone by.

Children are not taught confidence. They practice confidence. They are not taught to interact and work collaboratively. They practice these naturally in a learning environment that fosters this. A text book alone cannot develop a child and British schools recognise this not inly in their curriculum plans but in their teaching method.

When parents choose an International School offering the British Curriculum they can know, with confidence, that they are sending their child to an accredited school that matches the same standard as any school in the UK. This gold standard is proven and verified by many years of successful practice.

Key Features:

  • Popular in international schools worldwide
  • Broad, balanced and student centered
  • Includes regular national bench marking
  • Culminates in the International General Certificate of Secondary Education, AS and A level certification
  • Recognised by universities worldwide