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Relieving the Effects Of The Pandemic and Bringing New Hope

A truly unique education financial plan, the Kingsgate EduTrust Programme is established with the primary intention of making quality international school education more accessible to communities around the world especially from Malaysia and the Asia Pacific. 

We are living in unprecedented times with the COVID-19 pandemic negatively affecting the financial incomes of families around the world and unfortunately reducing the capabilities of a lot of families to send their children for quality international school education.

Given this phenomenon, Kingsgate as an innovation and community-centric school felt it was our responsibility to do our part to help address this situation. We have done this through the creation of a financial solution which aims to help bridge the financial divide that is preventing international school education from being more accessible to interested communities. This objective and push helped give birth to the Kingsgate EduTrust Programme.

Malaysia’s 1st Education Trust

Based on a previous unique cultural financial practice in certain South-East Asian countries, parents would use collaterals such as land, gold and other non-monetary assets as payment collaterals for their children’s education in schools.

Using this unique practice as an inspiration, Kingsgate International School has perfected it by crafting a first-of-its-kind education trust that will allow parents to access quality international school education with us at a fraction of the monetary cost that would normally be needed for a child’s schooling with a top-quality international school in Malaysia.

How does it work?

Maintain your wealth and safeguard your child’s education – AT THE SAME TIME!

By enrolling in the Kingsgate EduTrust programme, interested parents will be placing a designated sum of money into a selected Trust plan which is safeguarded and financially secured by MY Premier Trustee (Malaysia) Berhad which is one of the most respected Trust companies in the country.

Once a placement is made, upon successful admission of the child through the school’s standard admissions assessment procedures, a school place is offered to the child at Kingsgate.

From the total amount placed in the EduTrust, 15% of it will be channelled into Kingsgate’s school Development Fund for the continuous construction and upgrading of the school’s facilities while the remaining *85% of it will be returned to the parent upon maturity of the EduTrust plan.

*Some applicable administrative fees and charges may be applicable prior to the return of this amount.

How the funds will be allocated from the committed trust…

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