Pre-Nursery Innovator (I) – George Smith – Inventor of the Lollipop

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One of our Pre-Nursery (I) Innovator is George Smith!

Every year our teachers and students name their classroom after a favourite innovator. It is a fun strategy Kingsgate uses to inspire learning and innovation in our classrooms!

George Smith invented the lollipop! He started making hard candies mounted on sticks in 1908. He named them after his favourite racehorse named Lolly Pop! The name was trademarked in 1931!

Innovators innovate — that is, they create new ideas or ways of doing things. Anyone who blazes a trail into new territory can be an innovator — athletes, artists, business people, and chefs, to name just a few. We know that Kingsgate students are destined to be innovators in the future because our classroom practises guide and inspire innovation!

George Smith certainly created something children have loved for generations. Let’s just not eat too many of them! 

Our Pre-Nursery Classroom (I) is named “George Smith” in his honour!

Ms Soho Ainscough and the children are indeed very inspired by him!

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