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November 23, 2017
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When I was five I got cuddles. She greeted me with an incredible smile and made me feel like the most special child in the room. She wore a floral dress and read us stories that came alive. I loved her perfume and she told my Mum and Dad I was her favourite.

In 1990 I became a teacher. Robin Williams inspired me at a time when “Dead Poets Society” (1989) was still a big movie and I too wanted to inspire and make a difference.

“So avoid using the word ‘very’ because it’s lazy. A man is not very tired, he is exhausted. Don’t use very sad, use morose. Language was invented for one reason, boys – to woo women – and, in that endeavor, laziness will not do. It also won’t do in your essays.”

“No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world.”

“When you read, don’t just consider what the author thinks, consider what you think”

“No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.”

“Sucking the marrow out of life doesn’t mean choking on the bone. ”

“I close my eyes, and this image floats beside me.
A sweaty toothed mad man with a stare that pounds my brain.
His hands reach out and choke me, and all the time he’s mumbling.
“Truth, truth.”
Like a blanket that always leaves your feet cold.
You push it, stretch it, but it’ll never be enough.
You kick at it, beat it, it’ll never cover any of us.
From the moment we enter crying,
to the moment we leave dying,
it’ll just cover your face,
as you wail and cry and scream.”

At Kingsgate we were inspired by “Dead Poets Society.” (1989)
We also remember…

Stand and Deliver (1988)

Lean on Me (1989)

Mr. Holland’s Opus (1995)

Dangerous Minds (1995)

October Sky (1999)

Coach Carter (2005)

What inspires you?
What represents AMAZING to you?

Kingsgate leaders spent months poring over inspiring ideas, research, beliefs and our own values, to document very clearly what Kingsgate believes a great teacher should be.

This is the criteria we used to determine a GREAT Kingsgate teacher.

Does our list match yours?

1. Communicates

  • Interacts with others with respect and equality
  • Communicates thoughtfully to everyone
  • Reflects
  • Reads subtleties and acts appropriately
  • Speaks honestly with purpose and intent
  • Articulates and incorporates personal and school philosophies

2. Collaborates

  • Facilitates discussion
  • Models teamwork and decision-making
  • Demonstrates flexibility
  • Eagerly shares ideas and thoughts on curricula, students, parents and professional issues
  • Supports others professionally

3. Facilitates

  • Reflects, assesses, plans and implements a process in order to achieve and extend goals for each student, the class and him/herself
  • Challenges individual students by setting high expectations
  • Inspires each student to go beyond his/her self-imposed limits
  • Promotes complex thinking by asking probing questions
  • Supports students with specific and constructive feedback

4. Innovates

  • Integrates ideas across thematic curricula
  • Invests in emergent curricula
  • Models discovery and inspires others to questions
  • Celebrates “the well-built hypothesis”
  • Reveals possibilities
  • Embraces and continues his/her own learning process

5. Creates Balance

  • Considers the social, emotional, physical and intellectual development of each student
  • Supports diverse learning styles
  • Enriches and individualizes the learning process
  • Creates a safe and supportive environment while promoting exploration, discovery and risk-taking

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