Mathematics Problems Your Teenager Might Just Want To Solve

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Here are some interesting Math problems to interest and challenge teenagers:

Question 1:
Justin Bieber has asked you to dance in his latest music video. If you are offered $22,000 to dance in a 4 minute video, how much will you be paid per minute of video?

Question 2:
Your mobile phone provider has offered you the following options:

  1. 500 free text messages per month, and each additional text is $0.10.
  2. You also have the option of paying $0.01 for every text message.
  3. If you send/receive 650 texts/month, which is the better plan? How many text messages would it take for both options to be equal?

Question 3:
LeBron James is paid $14,500,000 for an 82 game season, is that more or less than $150,000 per game?

Question 4:
Steve and Sarah (teens) start a dog walking business, charging $5.75 per dog walk. If each walk takes an average of 12 minutes, and the average travel time between customers is 18 minutes, how much would they earn (total) in 3 hours if they worked separately?

Question 5:
If Sandra Bullock drives a $175,000 Ferrari, and the insurance is $8,500/year, approximately what percentage is the insurance (per year) of the cost of the car?

Question 6:
If Emma Watson, (Hermione from the Harry Potter Movies) earns $13 million for a 120 minute film, how much does she earn per minute of screen time?

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