Shanna Parry

Academic Staff

Shanna Parry

Director of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning

Recognized for her outstanding achievements both as an educational leader and curriculum writer, Shanna Parry brings a wealth of experience in a variety of critical areas. Having served as a director (Higher Education), headmaster (Secondary School) and consultant (K-¬‐12), Shanna excels in the areas of administrative and teacher development, curriculum writing and language programs. Shanna has consistently demonstrated exceptional achievement results for increasing and improving student achievement in all key areas, including language development, reading proficiency and writing skills.

In addition to her curricula achievements, Shanna’s extensive talents also include an impressive level of expertise in marketing, student admissions and recruitment for schools and universities. She has led numerous institutions in achieving new benchmarks and establishing best practices for learning outcomes in many different parts of the world.

With extensive international experience in the United States, the Middle East and China, Shanna has a proven record as being both highly adaptable and innovative as a leader and consultant in a range of international education and business contexts.

Shanna has led curriculum design and administration of all major curriculums including American K-‐12, American AP, International Baccalaureate, UK IGCSE and A Levels. She is also a specialist in language programs (EAP, TOEFL, IELTS and General English), SAT and University preparation.

Clearly a global expert. Shanna was recognised in 2018 and 2019 as a Top 30 Global Guru in Education.