Zunizan Samat (Nizam)

Academic Staff

Zunizan Samat (Nizam) (Malaysia)

Bahasa Malayu Teacher

Nizam was born and raised in Pahang, Malaysia and he holds a Master’s Degree in Teaching Malay Language as first language from University Putra Malaysia. He is passionate about delivering interactive and fun lessons using cooperative learning which engage students and allows them to enjoy Malay language. Nizam believes all children have different abilities and as teacher, needs to consider each students abilities during the lesson as every child is unique in his or her strengths and it is the job of teacher to foster individualised learning in response to the students needs.

In his spare time, Nizam enjoys reading, drawing and cooking, whilst also travelling, experiencing new cultures and learning new languages. Nizam can wait to share his love and knowledge about the Malay language and culture.