Kingsgate International School has a very clear vision and mission in regard to how we use technology in the classroom.

Kingsgate International School seeks to be innovative through our use of current, relevant and progressive technology and in ways that accelerate learning for children. Our aim is to develop responsible global citizens with superior technology skills so they can harness the infinite knowledge now available in a global world, safely and with a critical eye.

We know how important technology is for learning!

As Gary Stager says: “The personal computer is used to amplify human potential. It is an intellectual laboratory and vehicle for self-expression that allows each child to not only learn what we’ve always taught, perhaps with greater efficacy, efficiency or comprehension. The computer makes it possible for students to learn and do in ways unimaginable just a few years ago.”

We know children need to develop effective technology skills!

Technology will not be used “for the sake of using technology” or as a way to motivate or entice children to pay attention. We recognise the concerns some parents may have about children who cannot balance using “technology for a purpose” and “technology for distraction”. It is a clear mission within our school to train children to use technology effectively so that its advantages are embraced.

Technology in the Classroom

Early Years:
In the early years classes (Kindergarten – Year 3), shared devices are provided for student use under the guidance of the teachers. This strategy aims to teach children appropriate skills and build a foundation in collaboration and sharing.

1-to-1 Programme:
Our 1-to-1 device programme in Year 4 to Year 13, allows students to use devices throughout the day to supplement teacher instruction.

All devices include software that directs access to learning material and contents that accelerates learning but it also controls access to sites, apps and material the school community deems inappropriate.

At Kingsgate International School the safety of the students is our number one priority. Our published policies and procedures ensure technology is used in a safe manner and it restricts access to material that may be deemed inappropriate or outside the purpose of learning at our school.