Primary School

Primary School

Our Kingsgate Primary School curriculum programmes include both homeroom teachers and a range of specialist learning programs to provide a holistic learning experience for all students. Specialist learning will include: Music, Art, PE, IT, library, Malay, Mandarin, and Islamic studies for our Muslim students. 

Our philosophy reflects Understanding by Design UbD theories that focus on “beginning with the end in mind.” We know that in order to maximize student achievement it is essential that we drive all planning towards common goals. Learning needs to be shaped within real life contexts and it needs to be meaningful and engaging for young adolescents. 

Our core subjects focus on key knowledge and skills but wherever possible we link content areas with a focus on rich tasks that embrace several subjects. We believe that students need to understand and experience the connectedness between different subject areas. Our curriculum is broad and connected but also sets an important foundation for studies in the secondary school where students will later specialize. 

All children are expected to develop their abilities outside of the classroom in key areas of personal development, the Arts, Sport and Culture. Our belief that young people need to be balanced requires children to stretch and challenge themselves in all key areas of their personal profile. 

Kingsgate International School holds Cambridge International Accreditation. The curriculum will reflect and be guided by international standards and expectations of the Malaysian Education Authorities.