Kingsgate’s Innovation Lab is a dedicated space for “ideating”. This is where our children will learn about the world of invention, design, and creative problem solving. It is a flexible space that inspires new thinking.

Kingsgate children are “intelligent performers.” They are academically superior but more importantly they know what to do with knowledge. Beyond the books and beyond the traditional classroom it is essential that children design, build, iterate, and revise creations. They will build a real-world understanding of artistic, engineering and real-life design principles. They will learn important lessons about creativity, determination, discipline, failure, and success.

Kingsgate innovation curriculum drives all that we do, in and out of the classroom, our homes, our country and culture.

Students of all age groups will create projects that incorporate a range of media and materials, including electronics, robotics, wood, paper, and textiles. They will think like adults, laugh like children, design like inventors….with minds and a spirit more open than children from traditional schools.

Kingsgate students will also create concepts and ideas. They will challenge assumptions, beliefs and values. They will explore the “intangible” and “think about thinking” so they know why they know what they do, what has shaped their thinking and what might change. They will be futuristic thinkers shaped by what might be next and what might be possible.

An innovation curriculum provokes questions with open answers. It creates children who are intellectually smart, achieve excellent grades in exams but also they can “do” things with the knowledge in relevant real life contexts.

Whether it is an early years student designing a new style of clothing, or a year 3 student designing a small car powered by weights and a ball of string, or a year 5 student making robots travel on a circuit, the goal is to get students thinking like designers and tinkering with ideas for a purpose.

Our curriculum integrates Science, Technology and the Arts. Children will apply mathematics as well as learn new ways to communicate and express themselves.

We want children to stress and strain, laugh and play, produce and make “things” that show what real learning truly represents.

Innovation Lab

Our Innovation Lab – inspired by Harvard’s I-Lab – creates an opportunity for students to develop their innate skills in critical thinking and innovation.

Kingsgate International students begin developing analytical skills, creativity, scientific and problem solving attributes from Kindergarten age.  Da Vinci proved that innovation is accelerated when we understand the connections between  Arts, Science and Technology, so too will  our students have the potential to be Global Innovators for the future.

Students will work on projects utilizing 3D printers, electronics, robotics, coding, textiles/fashion, Arts, Culture and Sports in various forms.