Frequently Asked Questions

What is the normal profile and qualification of teachers?

All teachers are fully qualified and accredited to teach at the standards recognized by Cambridge International Examination. This includes a Bachelor degree and post graduate qualifications.

Our foreign teachers come from all parts of the globe including the UK, Australia, America and Canada.

Local teachers are accredited and meet the standards of the Malaysian Ministry of Education.

Can my child enroll after the start of the year or in the middle of a term?

There are no restrictions about entry date for most year levels as the programs are designed to differentiate for all students. There may however be some restrictions we place on students studying IGCSE and A Levels to ensure they are well prepared for examination periods.

Why is an admissions test important for enrollment?

An admissions test is essential for all students so that we are confident we can meet student needs. Appropriate year level placement ensures students transition well and are well prepared for success.

How do you determine if my child is suitable for enrollment and for what year?

We determine placement based on both age appropriateness and academic ability. We believe it is essential that students adapt well and can make strong social connections with similar age groups. We also want to ensure students can meet the academic demands of the year level they are placed in.

Do you have Boarding Facilities on campus?

Yes, we have boarding facilities on campus for IGCSE and A Level students.

Do you have a transport service?

Yes, we have a regular shuttle service for students covering most travel routes in the area. Please contact us for details.

Do you offer Scholarships?

We have an extensive scholarship program aimed to encourage and support students from a range of backgrounds and abilities. Please contact us for details.

On graduation, what universities will my child be qualified for?

When students graduate from our school, depending on their academic achievements and overall profile, they may be eligible to attend most universities in the world. Graduates from Cambridge International Exams attend Universities in the USA, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Europe and many other countries.

What is the difference between the day care programs and full time nursery or reception programs?

Daycare programs are designed to be flexible and meet the needs of families who want to start children’s international education early but on a part time basis. Our curriculum is age appropriate and we differentiate for student needs of most backgrounds and development.

What if my child is sick during the school day?

A registered nurse is based full time at the school and a sick bay area allows children to have time out for short periods. The school nurse will administer first aid as required and contact parents when children need urgent attention or are unable to complete the school day.