This purpose built and strategically planned community provides a one stop shop for innovation and entrepreneurial development. Based on the “Think Tank” approach and an understanding of Neuro-science we have incorporated many features that ensure the school meets 21st Century goals for learning and innovation.

Not only is the school located within a residential and retail development but we have created strategic partnerships with our surrounding community to ensure all facilities are both connected but also best practice.

The school includes design features such as “Innovation Labs” to encourage and inspire children to design and make dreams come true. Just as scientists and innovators invest time in “Think Tank” spaces, so too will our children using facilities and a learning environment that inspire and provoke new thinking. Critical thinking, problem solving and other skills are inspired by our understanding of Neuro-science; how the brain works and learns.


The most effective brain-based learning environment provides space in which to move around and socialize, making the traditional classroom design of rows of desks highly ineffective in a learning environment.


The most effective learning happens when students are challenged, but not threatened. We have designed environments to sooth and support, inspire and encourage. Schools are notoriously stressful environments but our school breaks boundaries in its vision for whole person development and attention.


Brain-based learning requires stimulation of more than one part of the brain at a time. Young students use visual clues to help in their comprehension of reading and observations, but all students benefit from having more than one of their senses engaged during the learning process.

Emotional Connection

Brain-based education acknowledges and engages emotion into the learning process. Students experience both positive and negative emotions when being exposed to new information.

Immersive Experience

We know that the brain processes true experiences differently than fabricated scenarios. That’s why brain-based learning encourages realistic experiences that allow students to experience what they are learning about firsthand. Field trips, practical activities and problem solving is useful in this regard, but so are hands-on classroom activities, like visual art, brain-based games, and role-playing.

Innovation Lab

Inspired by the now famous “Harvard Innovation Lab (i-lab)” and many studies that prove the benefits of the “Think Tank” approach to innovation we have incorporated design spaces to foster entrepreneurship and innovation across our campus. Kingsgate International School has at the heart of its vision a mission to become a truly cross-disciplinary research and innovation focused learning and development community.

As centre for entrepreneurship the innovation lab is unique in its accessibility. The i-lab is open not only to K-13 students during the school day but to any young entrepreneurs and innovators as part of the Venture Incubation Program, an integrated mentor program that combines mentoring, workshops and community to help the teams move their startup ideas and innovations.