Kingsgate’s 12 Point School Security Plan

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June 22, 2017
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July 6, 2017
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There can be no compromise on student safety and security in schools. Parents need to know there are no short cuts and their children are in safe hands. Kingsgate International School has created a comprehensive 12 Point School Security Plan so that our community can concentrate on learning.

The school compound is secured by impenetrable fences and gates manned by security personnel, electronic security passes and cameras. No one comes in! No one goes out!

We hire a private security firm with screened staff trained in global security measures. Keeping children safe from the outside, and inside is essential.

All staff are thoroughly screened prior to being employed and trained in our strict security measures but also to be informal observers monitoring all activities and environments. Students are trained on the importance of being security conscious and alert at all times.

Well planned drop off zones are located to ensure small children and older ones have secure and seperate drop off zones. All cars are screened.

The whole school campus is secured by a private security company. There is also full CCTV coverage in all areas.

No unauthorized persons are allowed into the school without a pass. All individuals within the Kingsgate International School are required to wear identification tags.

Vehicles entering the school compound for purposes of picking-up and dropping off students are required to have an authorized school car sticker with relevant registration number listed with the school.

All visitors must report to the main reception to be signed in and registered. Parents who wish to visit their children during school day are welcome but they will be required to inform the school of their intention for the visit.

Students are not allowed to leave the school without advanced written consent. No third parties are allowed to visit the school unless parents provide written authorization in advance.

Parents, carers, chauffeurs and bus drivers are required to follow the directives of faculty, staff and security personnel in all matters that relate to the safety and security of their children within the school premises.

A central security alarm and signals sound warnings and prompt evacuation processes in the event of an incident.

Fire evacuation and Lock Down Procedures are practices and performed with precision to ensure students and staff are prepared in the event of a crisis.

“Kingsgate children are in safe hands”

Mr Will Ore
Head of School