Key Stage 1

Key Stage 1

Compulsory National Curriculum Subjects at Primary School are:

  • English
  • Maths
  • Science
  • Design and Technology
  • History
  • Geography
  • Art and Design
  • Music
  • Physical Education (PE) (including Swimming)
  • Computing
  • Ancient and Modern Foreign Languages (at key stage 2)

Tests and Assessments:

Year 1 Phonics Screening Check

The check will take place in June when your child will read 40 words out loud to a teacher. You’ll find out how your child did, and their teacher will assess whether he or she needs extra help with reading. If your child doesn’t do well enough in the check they’ll have to do it again in Year 2.

Key Stage 1

Key Stage 1 Tests Involve:

  • English Reading
  • English Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling
  • Maths

Your child will take the tests in May. You can ask the school for the test results.

You’ll be sent the results of your child’s teacher assessments automatically.