The Kingsgate Innovation Lab (I-lab)

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July 11, 2017
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July 26, 2017
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“We need children to see themselves as designers and innovators. We want them to see problems as challenges and mistakes as opportunities to learn more. Children should see the world in terms of opportunities they can potentially solve. When we can make learning so powerful and memorable we create an appetite that is far more motivational than any teacher or parent. This next generation needs to be adaptive and spirited in its pursuit of excellence, not robotic like the machines that are ready to replace them,” shares Greg Parry CEO of Global Services in Education (GSE) at a recent meeting about Kingsgate’s Innovation Lab.

“Teachers steal learning when they point too quickly to the answers. We need to motivate children towards the answers.”

This approach to learning is nothing new but too often forgotten. Teachers sometimes get anxious and concerned about time but it is only time that creates deep learning.

Confucius, over a thousand years ago espoused similar virtues in the way he valued the struggle of learning new things.

Leonardo da Vinci was very logical and used scientific processes to investigate subjects. This seems at odds to the stereotype of an artist who is often open to many paths, creative choices and out of the box thinking but Da Vinci had a unique ability to adapt and epitomises Kingsgate’s vision for innovation. The vision for Kingsgate International School has been inspired by Da Vinci because we believe that current and future generations require young people to embrace Art, Science and Technology. They will need to adapt to rapid changes and do many things well.

The Kingsgate Innovation Lab is a place to help make this type of thinking flourish. “Like a garden for innovation” this special think-tank laboratory is the centre piece of Kingsgate’s school design.

Over 125 square meters of learning platform on 2 floors provides both spaces and resources for children to experiment, innovate, ideate, investigate, interpret and explore learning driven by their own passion and pursuit of new thinking. Electronic Smart Boards, a 3-D printer, robotics and data loggers. Art material, hydroponics, sculpture and titration. A kitchen for cooking, not just cakes but great ideas.

“Does ice melt more quickly if I apply salt?”

“Does bread become lighter or heavier with different combinations of yeast and water?”

“Can I make the Hansel and Gretel story interpreted as an edible sculpture?”

“Can I find a way to make plants grow faster indoors than outdoors?”

Kingsgate children will have advantages above and beyond graduates from other schools. Good grades alone do not ensure success. Well rounded children with an open and captive mindset become global leaders for tomorrow.

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